Armenians Forward Together

August 12-14, 2021
Yerevan, Armenia

Strengthening and development of our Motherland is on the minds of many in Armenia, Artsakh and abroad, as people are seeking ways to contribute their time, skills and ideas. Our main task is to help interested people and organizations in achieving that goal.

We intend:
- to create opportunities for their collaboration
- to strengthen and expand their activities
- to develop new projects (commercial and non-commercial) in Artsakh and Armenia.

To reach these goals, we are organizing a forum in Yerevan in the summer of 2021.

Forum format:
August 12 - presentations by organizations and companies
August 13 - 14 - workshops

During the presentations, speakers will share their ideas and experiences. During the workshops, participants will come together as collaborative teams to work on specific goals and plans. Limited virtual participation will also be possible.

We invite all interested parties to join us by submitting presentation and workshop proposals. Information on how workshops are organized, selected and run is provided below.

Important Dates and Details
Workshops will take place on August 13-14
Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline: May 15
Workshop Participant Registration: April 15-July 10

Presentations will take place on August 12
Presentation Proposal Submission Deadline: June 15
Participant Registration: April 15-July 10

Participation is free of charge.

Workshop Program Schedule
August 13-14
Ibis Hotel, 5/1 Northern Ave, Yerevan
Click on workshop title to see details or Download full program schedule
Day of Presentations
Thursday, August 12
Ibis Hotel, 5/1 Northern Ave, Yerevan
Brief Schedule
Day of Presentations, August 12
Detailed Schedule
Opening Remarks
Supporting Artsakh War Veterans, Education
Soldier education in post-war Armenia
Rouben Gargaloyan, Zarouhi Shahinyan Learning Mission Armenia
Learning Mission was founded immediately after the end of the 2020 Artsakh War and is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality English and technical education to disadvantaged social groups, including veterans of the 2020 Artsakh War. We would like to spread the word and attract more donors and volunteers to build onto what we already have.
Educate and develop Armenia-Artsakh
Lilit Mkrtchyan, Ani Hovhannisyan EduArmenia
EduArmenia will introduce its vision and mission for Armenia and Artsakh education and scientific systems development. We expect to find experts and organizations who are ready to help us to implement that vision.
Introduction to Nor Hayq
Erik Khachatryan, Hayk Grigoryan Nor Hayq
Nor Hayq will be a self-sustainable, integrated, collaborative education ecosystem that is on par with the current global economy and labor market. We're always open to and are seeking new members as mentors, donors, lecturers, or organization members to help us achieve our milestones; for this reason, we will have a special "Get Involved" section during our presentation.
DRONE EDULAB: Bringing STEAM Education to Armenia
Edmond Khachatryan DRONE EDULAB
'Startup Armenia' Foundation, in collaboration with the top drone retailer DJI, has brought the first STEAM educational program that teaches the basics of drones and robotics to Armenian teenagers. We will present our pain points, perspectives and visions, and inform about the collaborations we seek.
Zartnir: developing educational system of Armenia
Project "Zartnir'' started in 2017 with a clear understanding that education is the main tool to bring changes to society, which we do by educating children from rural areas using reading. We are looking for skillful professionals, to join our team of volunteers, as well as partners who are ready to support our project in terms of financial and professional support.
School olympiads: merits, equity and solutions
Aram Jivanyan - Bright Minds
The main purpose of Bright Minds is to offer olympic clubs in math, physics, informatics, and other subjects in as many schools as possible in Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk, and the diaspora. We are looking for new members who could and would contribute to activities such as developing educational material and consolidating and preparing pedagogical staff.
Supporting Science, Technology and Education
Scientific human capital and infrastructure of Armenia
Gevorg Safaryan, Tigran Shahverdyan Gituzh
Gituzh is an initiative started by entrepreneurs and professionals to highlight the issues of scientific human capital and infrastructure of Armenia, as well as popularize science and the issues of science in Armenia. We hope that this presentation will convince you to invest in us along with 140+ founders and top-managers of Armenian companies and 13 large business unions and associations.
Introduction to SASTIC
Armen Khachatryan SASTIC
SASTIC is a membership-based social enterprise with a vision to establish a fertile environment where global specialists, community capital and talented youth will innovate together. We are looking for collaborators who could help us by aiming to create research infrastructures, assisting in education and scientific research, and forming modern companies and their unions to execute long-term strategic programs in Armenia.
Arts and Community Development
Road Theater
Sipan Mouradian, Jean-Frédéric Lemoues
La Compagnie d'En Ce Moment
Road Theater is the cultural project of a Frenchman of Armenian origin, whose ambition is both to promote Armenia and Armenian culture in the French-speaking world and the French language in Armenia through theater. To develop and realize its projects, Road Theater needs the contribution of financial partners, logistics partners, administrative and artistic partners, and
partners specializing in information and communication missions.
Diaspora Relations
Armenian organizations ready to welcome the Diaspora
Narine Mkhoyan, Mane Babajanyan
Birthright Armenia, Armenian Volunteer Corps
We are two sister organizations that aim at bringing the diaspora to Armenia by organizing volunteering experiences and internships and offering a full immersive experience to them so they discover their country differently than through tourism. We are working with 1,100+ partner organizations ready to welcome the volunteers, but we want to continue collaborating with qualified partners ready to live this win-win experience.
Rethinking The Engagement with Armenia
Vartan Marashlyan Repat Armenia
Repat Armenia is a non-governmental, non-profit institution established in August 2012 with the aim of promoting active repatriation, informing, initiating and championing the return of high impact (professional, entrepreneurial) individuals and families.
At Repat Armenia, we pay special attention to raising awareness and importance of repatriation through organizing ImagineArmenia Forums in key diaspora communities, regular online talks and panel discussions on different aspects of repatriation and integration.
On the way to circular economy in Armenia with "Eco waste" NGO
Vahe Salahyan Eco Aghb NGO
Eco Aghb was created to raise awareness among Armenians on topics such as waste segregation and how to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. In this presentation we hope to convince experts who have experience in conservation to contact us and join our efforts to achieve greener results together.
Presenting the Future Armenian Initiative
David Tavadian The Future Armenian
The FUTURE ARMENIAN is a public Initiative launched by Armenians and friends of Armenia to create a common framework of understanding around the sustainable development of Armenia as a country and Armenians as a nation. Anyone can engage by co-signing the list of 15 goals, participate in further discussions on WHATs and HOWs of The FUTURE ARMENIAN and become part of planning our next steps collectively.
Healthcare, Supporting Artsakh War Veterans
VIVA: Addressing the gaps in healthcare in Armenia
Tatiana Oganesyan VIVA
The VIVA Foundation has been providing charitable assistance to the Republic of Armenia in accordance with its approved programs "Medicine", "Education", and "Social Assistance" since April 2016. We will discuss various aspects of VIVA's activities in Armenia, current gaps in healthcare system, the needs and resources.
Role of City of Smile Foundation in pediatric cancer care in Armenia
Ester Demirchian City of Smile Foundation
City of Smile Foundation supports children and young adults of Armenia who are diagnosed with cancer or blood disorders by fully funding their treatment. It is important that we find new ways of collaboration and partnership opportunities that would allow us to carry on our mission and improve the quality of care.
Pioneering Medical Laser Treatment in Armenia for Life Altering Skin Diseases
Lilit Garibyan Face of Angel
At Face of Angel, we are working on bringing state-of-the art medical laser technologies to Armenia, educating and training Armenian physicians in Armenia, and increasing collaboration between Harvard Medical School and Armenian clinics. Our needs are:

1. Raising funds to continue to support this mission
2. Training and education of local physicians on the proper use of the lasers
3. Outreach and education of Armenian patients about the laser treatment
4. Obtaining quantifiable outcome measures
5. Building a center of excellence in Armenia for laser therapy
Support for Wounded Warriors
Homeland Defender's Rehabilitation Center was established in collaboration between the "Support for the Wounded Soldiers and Soldiers with Disabilities" NGO, Yerevan State Medical University and the Ministry of Defense of the RA, and has provided rehabilitative treatment for Armenian veterans. We will discuss our our post-war efforts in partnering with diaspora to initiate rehabilitation programs for our wounded heroes.
Why Selfishness Helps Armenia
Patrick Armen Elliott - Work From Armenia
Armenia has tons of great opportunities to create communities, businesses, and a great standard of living. Showcasing these and creating an environment where Armenia is a center of business and profit is the way forward to help Armenia innovate, have significant numbers of diasporans move here, and afford the stability and security of the state.
Closing Remarks
Painting "Jajur" by Minas Avetisyan
Logo by Yelena Abrahamyan