Armenians Forward

August 4-6, 2022
Hotel ibis
Yerevan, Armenia

- Forum 2022 has successfully concluded!
- See media coverage here.
- Provide your feedback here.
- Forum Program (Presentations and Workshops) is posted. (PDF file)

Armenians Forward

August 4-6, 2022
Hotel ibis
Yerevan, Armenia

- Forum 2022 has successfully concluded!
- See media coverage here.
- Provide your feedback here.
- Forum Program (Presentations and Workshops) is posted. (PDF file)
Armenians Forward Together Forum 2022
The Second All-Armenian Collaboration Forum in Yerevan, Armenia

Driven by a sense of urgency, individuals and organizations from around the world are joining forces to help strengthen and develop Armenia and Artsakh. Many people are still seeking ways to contribute their time, skills and ideas. Our main goal is to help interested people and organizations by

- creating opportunities for their collaboration,
- strengthening and expanding their activities,
- developing new projects (commercial and non-commercial) in Artsakh and Armenia.

Building on the successful experience of the first all-Armenian collaboration forum, AFT-2021 , we invite you to become an active participant at AFT-2022.
Forum format:

August 4 - Day of Presentations

August 5-6 - Workshops

During the presentations, speakers will introduce their organizations and collaborative needs, share ideas and experiences.

During the workshops, participants will come together as collaborative teams to work on specific goals and plans.

Forum events take place in-person. Limited virtual participation will be possible.

We invite all interested parties to join us by submitting presentation and workshop proposals. Information on how presentations and workshops are organized, selected and run is provided below. Submission deadlines are found here.

Important Dates and Details
Workshops will take place on August 5-6
Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline: April 1
Workshop Registration Deadline: June 15

Presentations will take place on August 4
Presentation Proposal Submission Deadline: June 15
Participant Registration for The Day of Presentations: until July 25

Participation is free of charge.

About Workshops
  • What is a workshop?
    Workshop is a gathering of people working together to solve a problem or accomplish a task. AFT Workshops take place in-person.

    Who can propose a workshop?
    Anybody can propose an idea and become a workshop organizer by filling out a Workshop Proposal Form.
    Each workshop needs 2 or more workshop organizers.

    When a workshop description is completed, we will post it on this site and publicize it to attract participants.
  • What do workshop organizers do?
    Workshop organizers:
    - define the problem and submit the workshop proposal,
    - invite interested participants to apply and collect their input,
    - select participants from among the applicants,
    - get in touch with all registered participants ahead of the workshop,
    - organize and run the workshop,
    - prepare a summary report about the outcome.

    What does AFT do?
    AFT provides a room and facilities to meet, helps with publicity and registration. AFT is not responsible for the content of the workshop, its organization and participant recruitment.
  • How are workshops run?
    Workshops can run from 2 to 6 hours (with breaks), depending on the number of participants and the scope of the task.

    All workshops must include:
    Preparatory Phase - prior to the Workshop: contact registered participants, answer questions, send the agenda, etc...
    Phase 1 - at the Workshop: introductions, presentations, discussion.
    Phase 2 - at the Workshop: setting goals, making plans and assigning tasks
All workshops will take place on August 5-6
in Hotel ibis, Yerevan, Armenia.
Registration is required. Space is limited.
Registration closed on June 15.
Register to attend
the Day of Presentations
on August 4
Registration is closed.
Registration is closed.
Have questions? Want to participate?
Contact us
Ask a question or tell us briefly about your interests and goals
and we will be in touch.
Please allow one to two days for a response.
Participating Organizations
Propose a Workshop
As a workshop organizer, you will have maximum impact at the Forum by defining the focus of the workshop, inviting participants and driving the meeting agenda.
All workshop submissions must be received by April 1, 2022.

The Program Committee will be in touch with you to create the workshop page on our site and help you register participants for your workshop.

Selection Criteria. The final selection of workshops to be included in the forum will be based on
- the expected impact of the workshop on the economic, social and cultural development of Armenian Republic and Artsakh,
- the prospects of new collaborations, and
- the number of registered participants.

If you'd like to see examples, see the AFT Forum-2021 workshops.

Your aims may be broad, yet they must be specific enough for participants to identify common interests.
Workshop submissions are closed.
Propose a Presentation
All presentation applications must be submitted by June 15, 2022.

Your presentation should be no longer than 15 mins and should describe your organization for people who might want to join you in your mission.
Therefore, it must include an overview of your
  • activities and goals,
  • accomplishments,
  • needs,
  • plans for involving new members.

You must include a brief description of the above mentioned items in the abstract. It will be used in announcing your presentation in the Forum Program.

Following your presentation, you will have an opportunity to talk to the interested participants at the Forum .

Our program committee will be in touch with you to confirm your participation in the Day of Presentations and its scheduled time.

For example presentations from AFT 2021, see our YouTube playlist and the Day of Presentations Program.

Presentation submissions are closed
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Logo by Yelena Abrahamyan