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Day of Presentations
August 4, 2022
Ibis Hotel, 5/1 Northern Ave, Yerevan
Opening Remarks
Knowledge, skills and experience-based input for the benefit of Armenia: 1+1=2
Paytsar Muradian
SASTIC is a global team of skilled professionals focused on funding and providing professional support to the strategic projects in Armenia.
We are looking for financial, knowledge and time-related collaborations, as well as highly qualified individuals, scientific-educational experts, who are willing to become mentors and leaders in high-tech projects, as well as investors.
Zartonk Academy: Resilience Through Music, Artsakh 2022
Atken Armenian Foundations will present its program of Zartonk Academy, Resilience through music that will take place in Artsakh between July 18th and 31th, 2022.
We'd like to find interested parties to support our future cultural ambassadors and to give a much-needed voice to Artsakh's youth. We are looking for partners to financially support the world-class talent selected by Zartonk faculty; we need technical, legal, and financial collaboration to present the voices of Artsakh youth to the international community.
Hye Hopes: Synchronous Academic Instruction and Social-Emotional Learning for Children in the Syunik Province
Dr. Alina Vehuni, Armen Demirchyan
Hye Hopes
Hye Hopes Inc.'s goal is to provide schools in the Syunik region with essential educational supplies, as well as to support the staff by offering professional development opportunities including Social-Emotional Learning training, computer skills, etc. We plan to expand to the other areas in Syunik and to create educational opportunities through technology, distance learning and professional training for teachers and staff.
Our needs include collaboration with other service providers in professional development for teachers; teacher recruitment for teaching Hye Hopes classes remotely; cross-collaboration with service providers in career-technical education, such as entertainment, agriculture, technology, etc.
Nor Hayq - where we are, where we go?
Erik Khachatryan
Nor Hayq
Nor Hayq NGO aims to educate a new generation that will have competitive advantages in today's global economy and will bring value to the world while staying in its homeland - Armenia.
We launched our Web 3.0 educational track for 68 students, we're working on our Biotechnology track and also we have educational entertaining activates such as book clubs.
We're seeking new members and partners to our work on these projects together.
Convention of the Future Armenian
Artak Apitonian
The Future Armenian
In autumn 2022, Future Armenian initiative will hold a conference to bring together over 200 participants and leading experts from Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora. The participants will have the opportunity to engage in open discussions on the strategies and plans for the implementation of the 15 goals of the Future Armenian initiative. The expected outcome of the conference is to develop and present viable proposals both to the government and to various organizations in Armenia and in Diaspora.
We are looking for experts to engage in the conference. The engagement will start before the conference, as a few meetings will be organized with the experts to prepare grounds of the discussions during the conference.
Our Educational and Learning Mission for Artsakh War Veterans
Rouben Gargaloyan, Zarouhi Shahinyan, Armen Solakyan, Narine Shakhramanyan
Learning Mission Armenia
Learning Mission is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality English and technical education to disadvantaged social groups, including veterans of the 2020 Artsakh War. We will present what Learning mission has achieved, the new challenges we face and new ideas we have for the holistic education of our students. The discussion will be continued during the workshop.
We need IT and English instructors, new members to help us to expand our program, potential investors and supporters to contribute to our holistic program, psychologists, energetic PR specialists willing to help to promote our initiative, potential students to join our internship program, school educators willing to get involved in our Armenian studies and other extracurricular projects.
Ani Hovhannisyan, Lilit Mkrtchyan, Lusine Dashyan
EduArmenia is an educational initiative to improve the quality of education in Artsakh and Armenia by leveraging the potential of education specialists in Armenia and in diaspora.
The organization aims to expand its programs and is looking for new specialists to join the organization, as well as fundraising opportunities.
Zleenk: Alternative education in Armenia
Diana Ghabuzyan, Kima Arakelyan
Zleenk Scientific-Educational NGO is a tool designed to guide students through a process of self-discovery and of choosing a career path. We introduce them to numerous career pathways, as well as equip them with relevant education, soft skills, and motivation necessary to flourish in today's professional world. The tool we use is the mobile app Zleenk which is for Armenian-speaking teens from 13-18 years old.
We are looking for organizations interested in cooperation in the field of education technologies, as well as new speakers to share their experience with our audience. We are also looking for support in terms of technical equipment (computers, etc) and physical space.
Student Home: Opportunity for young people from the regions
Hamest Agajanyan, Sona Papikyan
Student Home
Students' Home provides informal education and accommodation for students from regions studying at the universities in Yerevan. An entire formal and non-formal education program is designed for them, aiming to develop knowledge and skills to later contribute to the development of their communities and the region.
We are looking for cooperation in several directions: new teammates, technologies to be used by the student for education and extracurricular work purposes, construction support to expand the accommodation capacity of the building.
GitAliq: Students teaching students
Mary Sahakyan, Styopa Asryan, Nelli Harutyunyan
GitAliq is a student-led club that conducts educational week-end program for middle and high school children.
We are looking for students willing to share their knowledge, experiences with other students. Students who enjoy working with technology and can help with technical set-up are especially welcome.
Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises
Avag Sayan, Ani Ghazaryan, Shamam Gevorgyan, Sofya Harutyunyan
"Armatհ" Engineering Laboratories
At Armat engineering workshops, 10-18 year old children engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through interactive extracurricular activities, competitions, and innovation camps.
Our mission is to bring up a generation educated in the latest technologies and provide grounds for a technologically advanced state. Today 626 Armat engineering workshops operate in Armenia (including Artsakh), Georgia and India, where over 16,000 children receive free engineering education.
We would like to spread the word about Armat, expand our collaboration network for expansion both in Armenia and abroad.
"Ayb" hybrid education: Internationally competitive model of comprehensive Armenian education
In 2006, eight young people established Ayb Educational Foundation in order to realize their dream and the idea of transforming the country through education. Now this initiative has turned into a powerful educational movement.
In 2021, Ayb launched an internationally competitive and comprehensive hybrid education program. The cornerstone of the program is learning by doing. We aim to make the program accessible for all students in Armenia and Artsakh, as well as in Diaspora.
We need program managers and specialist teachers mainly in Math, Chemistry, IT and Physics. Also we need help with the accommodation of our students from diaspora in Armenia and Artsakh, with the relocation of our students within Armenia and Artsakh, with hospitality and other related services.
Upskilling in Digital Literacy and Finding Remote/Freelance Opportunities
Arpine Grigoryan, Lilit Khachikyan
Linaster is a newly established company that works in 2 major areas:
1. recruiting, training and providing freelance project opportunities to mothers on maternity leave to work as virtual assistants and other remote professionals;
2. 10-week online course on basic digital literacy and skills in Armenian, aimed at teaching digital literacy to vulnerable groups of population.
Our work is centered around bringing Armenian women into the digital economy and empowering them with the tools and opportunities to become financially independent. We have trained and found work for around 10 virtual assistants and also we have just finished training around 40 people with our online program for free, thanks to UNDP contribution.
We want to expand our team and are looking for motivated new partners and virtual assistants. We are looking for help with executing marketing strategy and sales activities.
How we can help protect our Nature
Hripsime Mkrtchyan,Tatevik Manucharyan, Arsen Gasparyan
Awesome Nature Armenia
Awesome Nature Armenia is a small foundation created with the help of Armenian enthusiasts around the world. The goal of the foundation is to find, to map and to try solving environmental problems in different region of Armenia with the help of locals.
We need mostly financial support as well as people who can advise and help locals to address their challenges.
Friends of Botanical Garden: Revival of the Botanical Gardens in Armenia
Friends of Botanical Garden NGO has been created to support activities at the Yerevan, Sevan, and Vanadzor Botanical Gardens. The NGO will also serve as a bridge between the administration of The Institute of Botany after A. Takhtajyan and the general public.
We are looking for individuals interested to support the initiative, marketing, and fundraising specialists/companies, and private sector companies.
Inclusive cultural educational annual festival for children with disabilities
Naira Sargsyan, Tatev Muradyan
Side by Side NGO
Side by Side NGO supports children and teenagers with special needs, helps in developing their musical and artistic skills, responds to their cultural and educational needs, and promotes inclusive education in the communities.
We are looking for specialists who can share their knowledge and skills, opportunities for physical space to carry out our activities, as well as funding and collaboration opportunities to organize festivals and other events not only in Yerevan, but also in the regions, where the need is desperate.
Recruit volunteers and gain knowledge from abroad
Shushanik Hovhannisyan, Narine Mkhoyan
Birthright Armenia, AVC
Birthright Armenia and AVC aim to bring Diasporans and foreigners to Armenia for volunteering experiences and internships. The 2 sister organizations offer a full immersive experience so participants can discover the country differently than through tourism.
We are already working with 1,200+ partner organizations ready to welcome the volunteers, but we always look for more qualified local partners who might have needs of volunteers and their unique skills.
Dissemination of Armenology in the Diaspora
Lucy Poghosyan
M.A.M is an online platform of Armenian studies, including Armenian language, literature, history and culture. Through Live Stream courses, participant from all over the world have the opportunity to learn and engage in interactive discussions with teachers and guests, feel closer to their Armenian roots.
We are always open to collaborate with our compatriots living in Diaspora and organizations working with Diaspora to make Armenian culture, language and history more accessible and attractive.
Empowered Amputees Living Fulfilled Lives
Haikouhi Oroudjian, Hajk Badradjans
We are an Armenian-based NGO founded by an interdisciplinary team of Diasporan Armenians across the US, Canada, France, UK, Germany, and Armenia.
Our mission is to develop advanced mental health solutions and bionics to empower the amputee community.
We would like to team up with STEM specialists, medical and mental health specialists, to continue our pursuit of helping amputees live fulfilled lives.
Closing Remarks
Participant Interaction
18:00 - 19:00
Workshop Program Schedule
August 5-6, 2022
Ibis Hotel, 5/1 Northern Ave, Yerevan
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